Stombrun's Forge

Session 1/27/12

So... Know Any Vampires?

Session begins in the basement of the Thieve’s Guild in Town 7. We send the GPD to scout the Isling forces. He returns and informs us that their soldiers are readying for an attack. We order our troops to the north to assault the front gate. We head out of town in an invisibility sphere, and as we approach the top of the sea wall, we hear some explosions and see lights in the distance. We banf there since it appears that the battle has begun. The scene is awesome – our soldiers, under banner, are running roughshod over their troops at the fortress. Our captain is there, directing the attack. We appear and startle him, and he stabs Balthar takess 32 damage!

He had done a lot of groundwork and prepared the attack. They are already wrapping things up. We congratulate him on the job well done, and let him know to join with the thieve’s guild but not to let them have total power/control.

We head east to the eleven area of the woods, where there has been racial tension because of the Corleone blame. We travel east and the plain becomes a hilly forest. There is an uncanny darkness over the forest, which covers the expanse of the horizon as far as the eye can see. It is unnatural, and causing much darkness. SKS does detect magic, and sees that it is illusary. Inside the fog, visibility decreases; it is deadly quiet; and very dark even though it is high noon. We don’t notice any negative affects. We don’t have much idea where we would find the elves, but we do notice some paths cut in the woods. We see human footprints, and it appears that it is a well traveled area. We hear some muffled footfalls ahead of us, and we slow to a stop – the footsteps stop as well. Tosie moves forward in stealth and notices about 6-8 human soldiers, some of who are fanning out. We call out again, and let them know we don’t appreciate being flanked – to let them know we have eyes on them. They reveal they are guards from town #8, watching for trouble on the road. We ask for passage, and indicate that we are lost. They approach and appear nervous. They are all emblazened with the white hand company mark on their armor.

They are soldiers in service of the Baron, and they indicate that most people on the road aren’t friendly. Balthar intimidates them into letting us pass. After getting a few yards down the road, our hatred of the white hand party (and these guys have mocked elves openly) overcomes us. SKS mutters “So, know any vampires?” The encounter is on!

It is a long skirmish with multiple White Hand Company soliders/rangers. As the tide turns for us, a figure appears and blows a horn. It signals retreat for the remaining WHC fighters. The figure is clouded by Kelrick, and moves away in stealth. Brom intimidates a fallen WHC soldier into revealing that the man is, in fact, Brom’s father. Brom rages for a while, but Christafaro steps in to kill the WHC soldier first.

The party is unable to track the man, so they continue to head towards town #8. The unnatural fog actually gains strength out of the forest toward the town. We rest for the night. During our rest, we have the same dream – a large panther is pacing in our room; we are unable to awake, though; the panther attacks SKS’s sleeping self and he is defenseless. We all awake and discuss the dream. We are in a panic, but no one knows the meaning of the dream.-

We head into town, a few folks are around but they are avoiding us. The buildings are boarded up. There seems to be a fear present in the town. We question someone, who indicates that the fog has been around a month or so. He says that the fog has adversely affected the crops, kids have gone missing, and it seems to bother people greatly. He remembers that the Baron was wed, which seems to be a trigger for the troubles.

We notice guards/soldiers, and there are a bunch of WHC people in town. We are in disguise, and they take no note of us. We know that there is a pub where we will see the thieve’s guild although they haven’t had contact with those guys for a while. The pub is totally quiet the normal sounds of a happy atmosphere is lacking. Brom ditches his disguise, and is noticed by a guild member. He proposes a meet later, in the alley behind the pub. He warns us that this is a dangerous time; he hasn’t been able to get messages to the Guild b/c the WHC kills his messengers.

The bride of the baron is Countess Mircalla; she is from a faraway land, and little is known about her. And it is well known in the guild that the bodyguards are kidnapping kids to deliver to him. Theres is evidence of that, but the baron’s wealth has a grip on the town. If we kill him, the town should rally around us because of the evidence. The guild member recalls that there was once a vampire problem in the area, but it was rid of that plague by a famous man – Lord VanHelsing. However, it does seem like people in the town are showing those symptoms again. He also says that they have terrifying dreams in which the vampire will bite them and turn them. The party becomes nervous, and wonders if something has happened to SKS.

The guild member mentions that we will have a hard time getting the Baron into a public place, other than his weekly balcony address (with heavy guard). However, the Countess does travel the countryside every day. He mentions that she leaves with a guarded carriage, with 10-12 guards present. We think attacking her may be the course of action.



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