Stombrun's Forge

Session 1-7-12

We begin the session where we left off- finishing up our conversation with the Thieve’s Guild master. He lets us know that the key in town #7 is to kill Capt. Morgan. The Thieve’s Guild would not be unhappy if the Corleones loose power there. We search the bodies back upstairs, and take their gear. Then we take two weapons (the earthquake axe and flametoungue) to be blessed by clerics in anticipation of future vampire slaying! SKS secretly goes to buy the needed items for a secret spell later on——.

We send eagle paper to our captain (the rogue) in town #7 to move out from town and meet with us upon our arrival. Then we instruct the remaining men in his group to head down after us (a day behind) in small groups – under no banner. They are to camp outside of town, before being in the sight of the Isling troops in the wooden fort outside of town #7.

As we are heading through the first few towns, it becomes apparent that we have gained enough fame to be noticed, and we fear that people will give away our destination. So we cast invisibility on our party any time we are near a townstead to prevent spies from getting ahead of us.

When we approach the fortress Isling troops are in, they appear to give us no notice (we are disguised physically and magically at the time.) Just outside of town, there are three elves in some gallows – and a notice that elves from the nearby woods will be executed. We are approached by a man as we mingle with the priests helping the poor, and he indicates that he is a friend with the Thieve’s Guild, and describes the location of the hideout. We head there, and a man enters and opens a magically sealed trap door in the floor. Downstairs, we see our rogue, seated with a druid named Kelrick. He is a former member of the Corleone gang who has decided not to continue working with them. He knows a secret entrance into Capt. Morgan’s complex through the sewers. Our rogue gives us what little he knows – basically saying that the town doesn’t love the Corleones and would welcome their demise (although he recognizes that the power vacuum will be real – hence our troops heading down). He also says that the Elves have been made scapegoats, and the town will have ill feelings about them regardless of who is in charge, until the economics of the area improve. We send him out of town to go encamp with the coming troops and await or signal to attack the Isling Troops.

We travel through the sewers, which is the backdoor to Capt. Morgan’s area. We have heard that he will be there for only a day or so and then leave, so the window to kill him is limited. In the sewers, we encounter three water elementals that guard the entrance. Then we get into the hideout of Capt. Morgan. He is there along with another man and a sorcerer bodyguard. We hold the door magically to prevent anyone else from joining the party, and then have an amazing every-is-invisible battle royale. Capt. Morgan and the others are killed. Leaving through the sewer, we hear that guards have come down to try and stop us, so we teleport back to the thieve’s guild.

As we regroup in the secret basement, a sheet of eagle paper comes through a pipe into the room – it is from Jimmue and reads “It has begun.”



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