Stombrun's Forge

Session 12-30

We begin the session in our compound, and head in to see Jimmue. We notice that purple flames are high in the sky – apparently activated when the king is in the castle. Jimmue confirms that to us. We also notice that Braiden’s appearance has changed- he is larger, and has a more confident air about him. Jimmue updates us that Nashkell and Brenton (town 3; pledged in secret) have pledged their support based on our actions and the purple flame evidence.

We discuss town #5 – it is a nomadic area generally. They are fast moving, calvary is strong. Fiercely independent people.

Town #7 is the pirate town, and there is not necessarily a central power there. Our note from our detachment informs us that – “town is worse than usual; we expected to find some semblance of order, but there is terrible poverty here. Isling soldiers have occupied a run down palisade that was once a barrack, and they are obviously trying to influence someone in the town. It seems like they are prepping to leave again, please send our soldiers to come down and kill this contingent of soldiers.” Braiden is concerned that we don’t know what Isling is up to; he thinks it wiser to win the people over before there is open combat.

Town #8 has been silent for quite a while. That is where the child molester is located.

We agree to go to towns 7-8-5 in that order.

Next we head to the Thieve’s Guild at Fisherman’s Wharf. En route, we detect a subtle reaction to us by a guy on the street; he quickly evades us and leaves the scene. At the guild, the Guildmaster is not there – but we try to get some info from other guys we know. They’ve had a long standing contact with District 7 – the Corleone family runs that town. Their leader (captain morgan) runs the town, though the town doesn’t have official leadership. But about a week ago, contact stopped from there. He suggests we wait until the guildmaster returns the next day,

While we are sleeping at the hotel, three assassins come in our room. We are awakened by an alarm we placed on the door, and manage to quickly kill two of them. The third blends into the crowd and we are able to find him out while going through the people at the inn. We end up cutting him in half! The thieve’s guild master has returned and asks what has happened. He appears pissed that this would have happened without his blessing. Brom gives him the notebook he found as part of his backstory. That, combined with the white hand on the assassin’s clothes alarm him. He recognizes that they have some sort of deal (they operate) near town #8. Balthar has been wounded with a constitution wounding blade (a necromancy poison), and he is infected. The Thieve’s Guild master can tell that the blade was coated with a powerful poison- he is impressed at it’s power and that Balthar wasn’t killed by it. The poison is crafted with the blood of a vampire – meaning that they are controlled by or have captured a vampire. The only way to reverse the loss of constitution is to kill the source vampire.

The mercenary group is the “white hand company” – they must’ve had a contract with town #8 and are locking down the area. We head into the guild HQ for more secrecy. He gives us a bit on information on town 7. The people are not necessarily in love with the Corleone family – many would accept rule from the king again if that would mean the end of the Corleone rule. He believes that the Isling people have made a deal with the Corleone family to come to Port Helsing and destroy Jimmue’s fleet. He suggests that we destroy the Corleone family first – since the contract with Isling isn’t apparent yet (we might need to prove it). He mentions that there is a network of tunnels under the town, and that if we can get past the entrance into town – we should go to the Old Boot Inn (first one we’ll see). There, we need to order the most expensive whiskey from the barkeep, and should be met by a friend of ours.

We discuss the idea of sending Jason, our fighter commander, to town #3 under no banner (similar to the way Isling has dispatched men). When we return to our compound before the journey to town #7 – we will send that group of 25 to bolster the strength at town #3.

We ask the guildmaster what ancients he is aware of: he mentions the hermit and smaug, plus another hermit in the south, and one that lives in the winds of the desert (sometimes people hear a voice; but no one has seen that being that he knows of). The southern hermit is even more reclusive than the northern one.

He also lets us know that we’ve been a good benefit for him, and that we can find ways to contact him around. He also urges us to hurry up and complete our mission in town #8… although we aren’t hurting him by beating down the Corleone family in town #7.

We ask about the White Hand Company. He explains that they began as a company of soldiers which fought for the empire in the forest (mostly rangers and assassins). They have special skills in the forest, and are handy in the forest. Town #8 wanted to stop traffic in/out, and they were perfect for that mission.

Level up to 11



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