Stombrun's Forge

Session 2/13/12

Play begins right after we killed the Count in Dragon form… on the edge of town.

We take the skull of the dead dragon, and Brom takes a few claws as well. SKS, in the form of the dragon, writes a message in the side of the partially crushed building (with acid on his claws) – “This is what happens to child rapists like Count Duku.”

The party returns quickly to town to see what is happening. There is quite a commotion in the main square; guards are trying to subdue the crowd, and the building has been closed. SKS and Kelrick and flying, and move invisibly over the walls to see what is going on. There is one carriage missing from inside the compound – the one we expect the Countess to be. The party quickly moves to go along the regular carriage route, and sees it on the move. SKS and Kelrick overtake the carriage, and begin to attack the harnesses on the horses – trying to stop the carriage from fleeing. They succeed, and as the yoke falls it digs into the ground, flipping the carriage and hurting people inside. The four guards riding horseback on the corners quickly stop and turn to prepare the attack.

The Countess has been thrown from the carriage, holding a girl (15-16ish) who is yelling out in pain. Brom yells out that she is her quarry! She stands up holding the girl in her arms, and casts dispel magic on the invisible players. During the skirmish, the girl actually vanishes and doesn’t re-appear. The party kills all the knights, and cuts the head off the Countess after the battle ends.

In the end, the party’s ailments (fatigue/constitution damage) appear to remain – the girl is the real source of evil! She has vanished and not returned.

The party searches the carriage wreckage, and finds a strong box inside. Balthar smashes it, and dark magic is released (requiring a save). SKS attempts to dispel the dark magic, does so, and Balthar opens it with his axe. The box is full of letters on ancient parchment; they are love letters to Carmilla from Duke Hazard (just a good ‘ol boy, never doin’ no harm) – and they are dated three hundred years prior. There is a strain between the families, and the two are forbidden from seeing each other. Carmilla confides some of the things she’s done which are terrible; but she also reveals how passionate she is for him. The final letter is him pleading with her not to go forward with her plans to kill herself. SKS explains that there was a family in this forest with the Hazard name, who used to reside in this general area.

The party sends a note via eagle paper to Jimmue giving him an update and requesting a bit more information (since his late note was simply “It has begun”).

We bampf back to the bar, where there is some excitement because of what is happening. There is still confusion why the fog isn’t gone yet, even though people know the Baron is dead. Folks have seen the note on the wall; there was surprise about the fact that the Baron was a dragon. Brom and Balthar intimidate the guild member, angrily asking why he didn’t mention the girl. He had never seen or heard of her, though. After a brief rest, the party goes to the center of town.

Brom makes a speech standing atop the fountain in the square, explaining that the party has come under the banner of Braiden and tried to free them from the evil/mist. There is a man in the crowd who seems to want Brom’s attention. SKS bampfs away with that guy, and gets the information from him. When the party comes back into the alley, SKS explains that they need to meet this guy and oil him- he was the source of the evil. Detecting a lie from SKS, the party intimidates him to get the true answer. After being intimidated, he says that the guy was in fact a vampire hunter who was searching for the grave/resting place of the main/original vampire. Kalrick notices that SKS is starting to get gaunt, and perhaps is turning a dark corner on the vampiric scale. Confused, the party heads for the meeting place – a church – to see what awaits them.

The party approaches an old church, which appears to be kept up until recently. The building is in good shape, but the grounds are rough. Quite a few of the graves have been overturned. There is a shack with a grave keeper – he hears our approach and comes out to speak with us. We notice that the building with the grave keeper is covered with garlic. We yell to him that we are seeking the cleric. Then we say we’re hunting vampires, and his interest is piqued. He reveals that Carmila is buried in a crypt with her family. SKS teleports himself (alone) to the bell tower when the crypt keeper mentions that the hunter, Van Helsing, spends the nights there.

The party reaches the bell tower and finds SKS standing over Van Helsing’s dead body. The body appears to be dead recently but not this instant. SKS is excited that the traitor is dead, but the rest of the party recognizes this as a problem. Heading back through the church, four vampires attack the party. SKS comes to the vampire’s aid, and continues to attempt to convince the party that the vampires are not to be harmed because they are friendly.

After defeating the vampires, SKS finally saved and beat the domination. He wasn’t really aware of what was happening, and trying to make the peace between the two groups. He explains that his every thought was of the girl who bit his neck…

Pause in the action until next session…



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