Stombrun's Forge

Session 3/9

The party moves through the woods towards the castle, searching for the vampire. On the way, they notice a few White Hand Company soldiers. During the battle, Brom’s father arrives and is killed. He has two strange swords which the party cannot identify.

We approach the old rundown castle, and notice the faint smell of blood and wood smoke. At some point recently, someone has been camping here. We enter the castle. In the center of the courtyard, a dead tree is standing. There is some standing water in the courtyard as well. The water is the source of the faint smell of blood – as we smell it, we notice that the blood is magically sustained.

During battle, and time blood hits the water, the water appears to react. As the battle winds down, the bodies in the water begin to reanimate. One is beheaded, and the body staked. The head appears to still be alive anyway, and is crushed to pieces. Lighting is cast on the tree, which splits and catches fire. The zombie soldier still alive appears to be afraid of the fire, so we shoot him with a fire arrow.

Brom makes his way to the stables in the corner of the courtyard and finds a staircase leading downward. There are sounds of water and – breathing. The party makes their way down the stairs. There is a small room, but a weak spot exists in the wall where someone has piled stones. Behind the stones, there is a room – full of water – with a crypt in the middle. The breathing reacts to the noise we make entering the room. It doesn’t appear that the breathing noise, which settles back down after reacting to the noise of our entering the room. The breathing seems to be coming from the wall. Kelrick heads for the source of the noise, and the breath appears to be coming in and out of the wall itself.

Brom and SKS remove the lid to the tomb – and inside is the stone body of a man laying there. The breathing stops. In the body’s chest is a hole: Brom puts the stone from the statue in the chest: and the water all becomes blood in an instant. When the blood water reaches the area where the breathing is, a door seems to appear in the wall, and text appears: “When our hearts are joined together, we rest for eternity.”

Heading through the door, there is a path with two ends. One end is a small tomb, and the other is a tree, pulsating, in a deep pool of blood. Beneath the tree, in the blood pool, was a heart. Removing it from the tree, we place it in the open chest of Carmila during combat, then kill her.

As we exit the tomb, it collapses behind us. Carrying the body and head are separate – they sizzle and burn in the bright sunlight (now back as the fog has lifted). Letters we recovered from the tomb are love letters from the Duke to his beloved Carmila, after she had already passed.

After a brief rest, we begin to head back to town. We are approached by a group of elves who had been hiding out in the forest – keeping away from the White Hand Company. The elves had killed the WHC elements after the fog lifted. We also hear a whisper in the wind that says: “you are true friends of the forest, and always welcome here.” The voice appears to be from an ancient.



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