World Information

The known world is divided into 7 kingdoms after the recent fall of the empire. 5 were, until recently, united under the rule of emperor Aristaeus The Great. His young death in battle, before he could provide an heir, splintered the unified kingdoms and resulted in sporadic fighting as lands and the resulting taxes were disputed by kings that each claimed the right to the empire’s throne.

The 5 kings of the former empire are:

The Dwarf king of BALDR that rules over Wandriev, which is mostly comprised of the Wandroven Mountains of the north all the way to the disputed foothills bordering Caldonia.

The human king DWYN that rules the central, landlocked plains of Caldonia, bordered on the east by the great river Ur and on the west by the Bishtur forests.

The human king FATCHNA the brutal, who rules the thin strip of land along the coast, east of the river Ur known as Ulandir. This land includes all the foggy wetlands at the Mouth of the river Ur.

The Elfish king EOGAN that rules the forested hills of Illdow.

The Southern kingdom of Stombrun is disputed. It’s fractured families were held in tow only by the strength of will of Aristaeus and the strength of his armies. It’s borders are porous, and claimed by all bordering kingdoms. The pretender to the crown, the elf prince Jimmue has no legitimate claim, however, his popularity with the people has led to his ascension as the top contender. Peace will not come to this land, however, unless someone can subdue the other nobles claiming the crown and secure the borderlands.

The other two kingdoms fought long wars to avoid subjugation by the Emperor before his death. They refused to be ruled or tamed.
North of the Wandrovan Mountains lives the powerful Dwarfish kingdom of Arundunn. Their reclusive nature means little about them is known, except that their armies have never been defeated at the entrances to their lands. . . Nor have they ever advanced into Wandriev to attack their more worldy Dwarfish bretheren.

The island continent of Kirashaill is comprised of a loose network of tribes and wild men, that were only united in their distaste of imperial rule. Several attempts were made with varying degrees of success to subjugate the people, but even within the captured lands, they refused to surrender, to the last person. Many from the main continent who did not love the Empire’s version of “civilization” fled here in an effort to refuse to be ruled. Including brigands, criminals and persecuted families.

Operations to capture Kirashaill were abandoned quickly after Aristaeus was killed in battle near the Krondor mountain range.

A new threat has arisen in Kirashaill though, from the very depths of the earth. A volcano in the mountains of Krondor erupted. Shortly after the smoke settled, goblin raids began on nearby villages, of a larger scale than have ever been witnessed. These raids have grown in number and size and new, unknown monsters, in league with the goblins have been spotted.

This is where our story begins. You are each Mainlanders who fled the empire to Kirashaill, only to see your possessions and families slaughtered after the volcanic eruption. Fleeing the devastation you have alike decided to join a crew on a trade ship bound for Ulandir.




World Information

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