Stombrun's Forge

Session 12.8.11

Found in the dwarves secret hall:
-Stonehammer (Great Axe of Earth Splitting)
-Rod of metamagic extend
-Studded Armor +3 of Stealth
-2x Ring of Protection +1
-One Ring of Protection +2
-Gauntlet of Readiness
-Minor items worth 5,000 gp

We exit the pit in stealth, but hear as we come out that the guy from the tavern (magistrate spy) has seen us. A group of guards emerges to find us, and we move quickly but discreetly toward Smaug. The way is traveled, but not well traveled. The temperatures are warming as we move on. GPD spies a bit, and reports that the guards have moved back to the front door to wait for us to come back out. We travel around four hours through the tunnel, and see a light. We notice that their are noises as creatures scuttle about (kobolds). They aren’t bothering us, but they are passing along the message that a half-elf, elf, and dwarf are approaching the lair.

It looks as though there is a city at the edge of the volcano. Tons of dragonkind are swarming around (similar to a bee hive). There is an area with walls/roof (and hole in the roof) – it is obvious that this is the hub of activity. We enter the hall, which is opulent and well decorated. A massive, ancient blue dragon. Upon seeing the ring, he grows furious and with speed seemingly impossible for a creature his size, he encircles us in a rage. He fumes that the ring should be his! Smaug explains that he did side with the Blackfoot clan, and that the Warhammers were not wearing the ring. He is troubled that the deal he made has fallen apart – the ring for the overthrow. He grants us passage to the amulet site, and we go on our way.

We begin to exit and the temperatures begin to fall. Temperatures fall to freezing as we exit the other side of the mountain. We come upon ancient gates with a narrow pass – put in place to slow the advance of the northern troops coming south. The area is deathly silent. Sir Kitty detects a general evil magic moving about, and a strong aura from a large tree (not evil). The evil energy begins to form into a single mass as we approach.

An insect-looking ice golumn forms and speaks in a language that only SKS understands. We get our ass kicked, and teleport away. We enter the cave back in the woods, and gain entry with the ring. Inside, we kill three dire bears and discover a wounded large gray wolf. Inside a large hall, there is a hidden room containing a bronze statue. There is a laser which activates with the ring inside, and several puzzles ensue to move forward in the crawl.

“The light of the ancestors leads the way”

We defeat two stone golums and continue the laser into the next room – where we see a ghost girl.

  • Level up to 10***



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