Stombrun's Forge

Session 12.9.11

Continuing our dungeon crawl…

The ghost girl beckons us follow and vanishes through the next door in the room. We enter the room, and see a pool of water in the room. The laser is hitting the stairs at the far end of the room, and needs to be raised somehow. Dwarven writing in the pool says “the breath of the stonehammer opens the door.” Balthor enters the pool and says “open” at which point the pool turns to a prism of ice, trapping the hapless dwarf. After a strength check and some party laughter, he breaks out. The prism does the work of raising the beam to hit the door and open it.

In the next room, there is a hole in the ground and a seemingly shallow pool of water. The ghost girl is in the room and says “entertain us.” We are transported to a magical room where we are told by her disembodied voice that only one can leave. So we fight and Balthor lives. He alone is transported back and speaks to her (she tells him to leave). Then there is a shimmer, and then SKS and Brom reappear. We hear a voice say “You must kill the anchor.” The girl becomes enraged, and we roll for initiative!

During battle, we dissipate the water in the pool, and reveal a druid from the temple is alive in the water, clutching a green stone. Brom jumps into the hole and severs the hand clutching the stone, causing the girl to fade. We save the guy, and take the stone into a pouch. The man is someone we recognize from the temple (he is a druid). He explains that after the kobold attacks, he attempted to use the power of the stone and instead it was his master. He had been contained in the well while the spirit of the stone worked it’s evil. We heal the guy, sensing that he meant good by taking the stone to defend his town. Then we hear a voice saying that he wants to meet us, but without the stone. We teleport to the pit in the stone hammer area, leave the stone, and then come back to the forest. Bob (the hermit) reveals that he felt the power of the stone rise when it teleported us to the other room – and the hermit is one who healed us and brought us back. Apparently when they killed him previously, his spirit was imprinted into the stone. The hermit wants us to destroy the stone. We ask how, and he suggests we give the stone to Smaug, whose lawful nature will react with the chaotic nature of the stone – weakening both parties significantly. Then he will likely destroy the stone himself to be rid of the encumbrance.

We leave the temple druid with Bob, who heals him but keeps the hand off as a reminder of his folly. Then we go back to our pit in the volcano and rest, retrieve the heart of the forest, and head to see Smaug. Upon hearing that we have a deal for him, he dismisses all the other creatures around. He is excited by the power of the stone, and asks what exactly we had trouble with in the snow field. Shaking off the dust from his wings, he explodes out of the room and goes himself to go and get the medallion for us. We make the trade, and he pours the small stone into he giant fist which clinches around it. He experiences obvious pain, and then we hear a -crack, and dust from the stone falls to the ground. He roars “treachery,” and lunges towards the party (which teleports away).

We teleport back to our keep, and bring the amulet back to Jimmue and Braiden. While doing so, Balthor mentions his own situation regarding his status of heir to the thrown, and they pledge their support to him.

Our scouts have returned our eagle paper note with a message – tbd by Jeremy *

Back in the compound, we recall that our fruit-freezing wizard needs a visit, and SKS sneaks in to find his spell book – reading the spell we desire. As he touches the spell book, his arm freezes solid! After dispelling the ice away, SKS learns the spell and returns the book without any further action.

We pick up 400gp from our compound as profit from the month we’ve been gone.

Jimmue also requests for us to come see him and discuss what he has learned from the dead king’s spirit.



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