Stombrun's Forge

Session 2/2/12

We resume in the alley speaking to a thieve’s guild member.

We decide to attack the Baroness first. She has an established route past an inn outside of town.
Brom inquires about his father, the leader of the WHC. He put together the merc clan, and they have grown quite a lot – and brought order using thugs/thieves under their control. They have an HQ next to the magistrate office/palace where the baron resides.

Night is falling, so we go to the woods near the Inn – and sleep in a rope trick. Brom takes the form of a tree and guards outside, while a ghost dog guards inside. The sleeping party sees the same terrifying dream of a panther walking in the room, and goring SKS. The ghost dog cowers and is terrified. The party wakes up, and the ghost dog is cowering in real life. The Countess is standing over SKS, covered in his blood. She leaves when we begin to move. Brom swings his blessed sword at her (she changes to mist) – she shrieks but isn’t hurt.

The party finds it odd that she hasn’t killed SKS despite two opportunities. So we change focus to the Baron himself. We head back toward town, in hopes of scoping out the palace grounds. Dawn is breaking… There is a massive fountain in the town square, and past that is a palace, where there is a balcony overlooking the main square. The doors are shut/sealed, except in the corner are a stables. They are readying a carriage (for the Countess!). The guards look very gaunt and lifeless, dead behind the eyes.

The square is beginning to come to life. Kelrick turns into a bird and flies up to take a look, finding the Baron there getting ready. He is readying for the day. We banf to the balcony, smash the door open and enter. The Baron isn’t startled at all. He says to Brom, “I think you need to leave now,” and Brom walks out. As the party threatens the Baron, he vanishes into a mist. Kelrick creates a windstorm, which pushes the mist back together, and a furious Baron reappears. Brom comes back in. As it turns out, the Baron is a vampire green dragon…

Nearing his death, the dragon bursts through the ceiling, but is hit from one more arrow from Brow and begins to fall from the sky. SKS grabs Brom with fly, and they chase it with the fallen angel. The dragon lands on a small building, and crushes it. The dragon is down, but he appears to be regaining his strength. Brom charges the dragon and severs it’s head with Flametongue.

To be continued….



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